Twice a day, you will submit your work from the session via Ed. It is okay if you don't finish everything, or if you are still working. We just want to know that you are keeping up with the material.

You will also need to submit your code if you attend office hours and are looking for debugging help. Section Leaders can then download your code and help you faster.

You can submit as many times as you want. You may want to submit multiple times if you attend office hours multiple times for debugging.

How to submit

1. Go to Lessons in Ed

Navigate to Ed Lessons, where you will submit your code.

Ed Lessons: In the main CS Bridge class (not your Section), select the Lessons icon (looks like a book).

2. Select Submission

Click on the correct session that you would like to submit for (correct day and correct time, morning or evening). For example, for the first day, click on "Day 1 PM".

Submit portal: On the Lessons page, click on the session you would like to submit for.

3. Upload

For each file you have, copy it from PyCharm using Select All (Mac OS X: ⌘-A, Windows: Ctrl-A) and then paste into the Ed editor (see the below images). Do this for each file you want to submit by clicking on the tabs.

You can also click on the plus (+) button in the Ed editor and directly upload your Python or Karel file into the editor.

Upload: (1) Left: Copy from PyCharm. (2) Right: Select correct tab and paste into Ed.

4. Submit

Finally, click on "Submit" in the bottom-right corner to submit via Ed. You can submit multiple times, and Ed will save your work.

Submission: (1) Left: Hit Submit in the bottom-right corner. (2) Right: Submission done!

Office Hours

Go to the office hour Nooks link on Ed. Type your name and what help you are looking for. Choose from one of the following categories:

  • Concepts

    If you would like a Section Leader to go over certain concepts (e.g., variables)

  • Approach

    If you are working on an activity or project and would like tips on how to approach the problem.

  • Debugging

    If you are working on an activity or project and would like a Section Leader to look directly at your code. If you are looking for debugging help, you must submit your code via Ed first.

The Section Leaders in the main room will then move you into a Breakout room with a Section Leader.

Happy debugging!