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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course graded?

No, you will not receive a grade. This is purely for the joy of learning!

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after participating in the full course.

How can I make the most of this course?

Have fun with it! Participate fully in all program activities. This means attending lectures, doing the project work, asking for help in office hours, asking your Section Leader for help, engaging with the community on Ed, and making new friends as you learn to code!

I have a general question about the course, where do I ask it?

The CS Bridge Ed page is the perfect place to ask a general question. Check out the list of categories and select the one that best matches the topic you have a question about. We will keep an eye on Ed throughout the day and will try to answer questions as quickly as we can.

I am sick (or I have a time conflict) and I can't make it to Lecture/Tea Time/Section, what should I do?

We've designed the program with the expectation that you attend every activity in the schedule, but we know things happen (you might get sick or have to deal with a sudden family issue) so just send a private message in Ed to your Section Leader right away if you can't attend something. They can let you know the best way to make sure that you get the information you need so that you do not fall behind in the course.

I finished the assignment early, what do I do with the extra work time?

Think about other fun things you can create based on what you've learned and then post fun things to the Ed page to show other students.

I haven't finished the assignment yet but it's time to submit, what do I do?

Submit as much code as you've been able to write.

I am lost. Where am I supposed to be?

Check the schedule that is posted in your section page on Ed. That's where you'll find times, activities, and the necessary Zoom links.

Can I re-watch lecture?

Yes! All lectures will be recorded and posted to the "Lectures" category on the CS Bridge Ed page.

Have a question which wasn't covered here? Please post on Ed.